The 2011 Post

I'm not a huge fan of making New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure. But, I am a big fan of looking around, taking stock, and making mental notes of how I would like to better my life in the coming months and year. I've broken it into categories this year and created tangible goals within each. So, here ya go:

1. Enter Super Mom Mode: Get myself and W ready for the arrival of Baby #2 in May. This will have to include potty training and a move to his big boy room before May, and not putting a ton of pressure on myself when Baby #2 gets here (which is what I did with #1).

2. Grocery Overhaul: We got away from any sort of meal planning and lunch packing this year. As a result, we throw away food weekly and don't efficiently use the stuff we have on hand. We also waste a ton of money on buying lunches and I figure if I make dinners that would cover the next day's lunch, we'll be in better shape. So, I'll do weekly meal lists and buy new tupperware.

3. Work it out: Matt is joining a P90X challenge on January 7th. Obviously, that is not recommended for someone who is 20 weeks pregnant, but we do have a treadmill gathering a ton of dust and I'm really hoping to find a new yoga studio. Bikram stopped when pregnancy started and my bikram partner and BFF Britt sailed off (literally). Three work outs a week will make me feel better and help ensure I don't gain the impressive 45 pounds I did with my first pregnancy.

4. Blog face lift: My blog needs a face lift. And I need to reacquaint myself with updating it continuously, participate with the groups I've agreed to be a part of, and comment on at least one blog a day. Comments make the blogging world go 'round, right?

5. Replace refrigerator and stove. This has been on our to-do list since we bought the house over two years ago. The entire kitchen will have to be renovated at some point and I thought it would have happened by now, but we don't have the cash yet. For now, the stove (with two working burners & a broken broiler) and the refrigerator (freezer burn and a missing in-door shelf) need to be replaced. So, it's time to look for sales.

None of these are too original, but I think it's enough to keep me busy for a couple of months or so. Hope you all made some good plans for the New Year!

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Windtraveler said...

Good ones! Oh how I miss Bikram....and you! xox