Family Travel Safety Products

Thanks for stopping by! I'll feature some great, mom-created products to help ensure safe travel for the family on WGN's Thursday Midday News.

I wish I could say we're going to personally try these out on a tropical get-away, but we'll see... In the meantime, here are some reasons I think the items are cool.

Baby B'Air
$34.95 *The great thing about traveling with a little tyke is that you don't have to pay for their seat, the bad thing is they have to sit on yours and you have to hold down a squirmer. This harness helps keep your kid in place and safe in any moments of turbulence.

Magic Sleep Suit

*When traveling with a little one, there is a TON of stuff to pack to ensure you're prepared for everything, including various temperatures and bedtime items. This gem keeps the babe warm without having to worry about blankets or ac on too high. Plus, it's quite soft and cuddly.

Air Tamer

*You know when you're on a plane, trying to relax, thinking about your upcoming travels and someone sitting behind you coughs? Suddenly you realize just how little the air around you is being purified. Unless you're wearing this little thing. Purify the air around you to create a clean zone for your family, then no colds when you arrive at your destination!


*Brushing your teeth eliminates germs in the mouth, but what about the germs on the toothbrush? This toothbrush keeps itself free from germs, so when your toothbrush is on a hotel sink or gets loose in your bag you don't have to worry about what icky things it might have on it. At least not quite as much.

Baby Briefcase

*This is great for people, like me, who can use a little help with organization. It's a handy way to keep all your kiddo's important documents in one place and it's compact design means it's good for easily bringing along any information you might need in case of emergency.

$199/$15 per month

*Portable, wireless, easy to set up home security system. Going on vacation, but want to be sure your family is safe in the place you're renting? This is your answer. Or it's a good option if you want your house to be secure while you're out of town without having to enter into a contract or have a home security system installed. Pretty cool, huh?

Hope you all have some travel plans coming soon, check these items to make them a little safer.

Note: I received all of these items complimentary for doing the promotion on WGN-TV, however I was not paid.


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