Is It Just Me Or Did I Look Eight Months Pregnant on WGN?

Did you see my little spot on WGN? If not, you can check out the video on the WGN site. I'll get the video and post it here soon, too.

I'm glad I did it. I had a lot of fun, wasn't nervous, and it was a good experience over all. But, holy cow, I looked about eight months pregnant. I totally pulled the under belly hand clasp and was trying to stand up super straight. After all, I'd rather look pregs than like a mom who enjoyed too much merriment over the holidays. I think I pulled it off -- And then some.

For the record, I'm five months pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

You look beauitful and did a great job. I want that clean air gadget you bring on a plane. I wonder if it really works.