I'm Back

OK, so it's been really quiet around here. I had to turn off all aspects of life, except work, for the past two months. Not complaining, but that's the way it goes. Starting in early November I was working at least six days a week, including two late nights. Then after Thanksgiving, I worked 27 days straight, most of those days were well over 12 hours and included commuting downtown.

All this work meant I missed a lot. I missed a lot of William and Matt. I missed a couple birthdays. A few opportunities to see my friends. A ton of opportunities to blog. The stress is hard to describe. Again, I'm not complaining, just stating the facts.

I work on a Gala that raised over $3.25 million and hosted nearly 2,000 guests. It takes this much time because it's done right. You cannot possibly imagine the amount of detail and time that goes into something like this. It wouldn't be successful without the extra hours, but it's an incredible amount of work for a small team of people to pull off... Which is why this was my last Gala. As I mentioned before I luckily had a really good opportunity to feel like I'd be here for William and still work for an organization and with people that I really care about. And I had to take it. I don't know if we Hannemaniacs can handle another Gala.

I missed a lot of William's life. Two months is a lot of development time for a 2 year old. He's not letting me back in as easily as you'd think. On the first day I actually stayed home he asked me to go to work and told me he wanted to drop me off at the train station. He asked to go to my mom's house, explaining "Nana needs me. She misses me and I have to go to her house now." Wow. Ouch. He also told me I wasn't nice and wasn't his best friend. That was a few days ago. Things are getting better. I know he doesn't mean it. I know he's only 2 with an incredible vocabulary, that he often doesn't even understand what he's saying. But, still, seriously?!?!

I'm slowly crawling out of the post-Gala hole. I promise to be more active and catch up on everyone's lives. Can't tell you the last time I read a blog. Right now I have to go get a little guy ready for bedtime. I have a lot of bedtimes to make up for.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa...I just cried reading this. I know William does not mean that, but that is so sad! I hope that he has let you back in his life now!