Good Deeds 2012 Week 11: Auction for a Family

Good Deed: Participated in an online auction to support a family who lost their young son.

I've struggled with the whole good deeds thing. There is a thin line between trying to make a difference and becoming one of those "look how great I am, aren't I nice to do these things" people... And I'm really trying to be thoughtful about my approach. I believe in quietly doing good. I love the saying that goes something like this: true charity doesn't come with a tax acknowledgement. This is one of those cases when I have questioned whether I should share something, because I don't want it to be misunderstood. I started this goal to see how one person can make a difference, but it seems to be in conflict with my core feelings. This week I really considered not posting this, so I'm not going to share all the details...

Last week I read a blog post of a family whose son died in his sleep. I was led there through a link from a blogger I know. Their son was about the same age as W. The post made me cry. And I've been checking on my boys every night since reading the post. A couple of days later (through another blogger I'm friends with on Facebook) I learned that friends of this family were holding an auction to help them. I took part and actually won a few items.

I don't know this family, but I'm happy to help them. My heart breaks for any family facing the loss of a young child. I truly do not know how I would survive. And I don't know how they are either.

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