No Two Sick Kids Are Alike

It's just as everyone says: Your kids will be very different from each other. And mine are very different... Especially when they're sick.

B spiked a 104.6 fever on Saturday evening. The highest fever I have ever seen. He was otherwise happy and seemed normal. Until he wasn't -- And then things went downhill fast. This is the first time I've really dealt with a super sick B. And I just kind of expected it would play out the way it does with W.

In the most simple ways they are the most different:
  • W is up throughout the night when sick. B sleeps right through.
  • B refuses all medicine, wrestles you, clenches his teeth, spits it out, all drama. W would happily open his mouth for the dispenser and still asks for more.
  • B likes Pedialite and happily drinks it. W has never accepted it.
  • W tends to get cranky and lethargic when he's sick. B still has a big smile on his face and is still all over the place.
  • B is a puker. Actually, he's a projectile vomiter. W rarely throws up. I think he's only thrown up 2 or 3 times.
So, what's the point? The point is this: Once you feel like you know how to deal with a sick kid, the next one will throw you for a loop. Your expectations for having a sick kid and how they'll act (like everything else) continues to change and defy your expectations.

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