Crock Pot Mondays: Pork Tacos

This whole Crock Pot Mondays thing came to me a while ago... I have a lot of friends who often ask if I know of any good crock pot recipes and I do! I just forget about them sometimes... There are a glut of blogs out there that do the crock pot thing. I am not trying to re-invent this wheel. I am just hoping to share some of the good recipes I have found as a working mom/lover of the crock pot. And also help you find some new blogs that have great recipes.

So, I'll explain my tweeks, link you to the site, and you can go from there... Usually I'll share some photos of some cute faces eating the meal or what it will look like - except this week, cuz I didn't get any. It was one of those mad dashes to get the food on the table and then it tasted so good... See, tacos are a BIG hit in this house. W can eat five tacos no problem. Yes, he is FIVE years old. When food hits that table, i make a mad dash to make tacos for the kids keeping in mind their specific tastes. W likes sour cream, lettuce, and tomato. B likes sour cream, cheese, a little lettuce, and one tomato. A likes anything thrown on her tray.

Anyway, I found a piece of pork in the freezer and after it took a few days to thaw I jut googled "pork tenderloin tacos slow cooker." I read through a few recipes and was really trying to avoid having to sear the piece of meat because I was feeling lazy (apparently this is not possible). But, then I found this recipe from Simply Recipes and decided it might be worth it (it was).

I followed the recipe closely, except I guessed my piece of pork was about a pound or so, so I cut the recipe in half-ish. And I set my crock pot for 8 hours on low, shred it, then let it warm for about 20 minutes. I felt we were a little low on liquid, but it worked. Everyone loved it. HUGE hit. I also didn't have avocados, so just served with the standard American taco toppings.

So, I did forget the pictures, but this one pretty much sums up the reaction:

Hi, I can eat my weight in tacos.

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