Crock Pot Mondays: Lemon Herb Chicken from Crock-Pot Cuisine

I spend two days a week in the office. To some moms who are in the office five days every week, this is nothing. But, those two days make dinner tough and the crock pot is my best friend. So, I'm going to feature some of my favorite crock pot meals on Mondays each week... Cuz you know you need some ideas, right?

While my preference is to make homemade, healthy, natural food for my family, it's just not always possible or convenient. As a rule I generally do not make pre-packaged meals. But sometimes I need to be able to call it in. When I read about their natural approach to a new line of meals by Crock-Pot, I knew they were worth a try. Typically pre-packaged meals are full of stuff I can't pronounce and lots of salt, but the ingredients list on the box supported it.

We tried the Crock-Pot Cuisine Lemon Herb Chicken this week and honestly I was prepared to be all meh about it. Matt handled all the preparation for me since he was working from home. I came home, threw together a salad, and then served it up for everyone. The truth? I was pleasantly surprised (without that sounding jerky). It was really tasty.

See? Real, bright veggies!

Everything cooked really well. The green beans were nice and crisp - and fresh tasting. The flavor was good, the chicken tasted like read chicken, and nothing got gummy or overdone. Like I said, very tasty. And everyone in our house enjoyed it, which doesn't happen too often.

I think the packaging also deserves a shout-out... Matt actually pointed it out to me. The directions are incredibly easy to follow and it includes chef tips. For someone like me, it's not all that helpful (just being honest), but for someone who doesn't cook too much the tips on adding in sliced mushrooms or topping with cranberries is a real help.

Also great? The online order process is really user-friendly, making it easy for busy families and I think that the price is close to what you would spend on chicken breasts, green beans, onions, and rice. Not to mention the extra convenience.

Here is something fun for you... Until March you can save 25% on an order with this coupon code: CPC25BLOGK.
So, the verdict? I'll let the smile on my PICKIEST eater's face say it all...

Hi, I'm a picky eater... Wait a second...
Disclosure: I received complimentary Crock-Pot Cuisine Meals and a Crock-Pot. All opinions are my own.

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