We're Done... Right?

IF we were to have another baby, now would be the time. But we're done.

IF we were guaranteed to have another girl - a sister for A, I would go for it. But we're ready to move on to the next stage.

IF money grew on a tree in our backyard, we would be tempted to have one more. But we're good with what we have...

I feel done. I've been able to hold a couple newborns and accept that I'll never hold one of my own again. I'm good with it. It just feels weird. Not as if something (or someone) is missing... Just weird to know that we're done with that part of our family's life.

When you have one or two kids people love to ask if and when you're going to have another... Once you have three those questions come to an abrupt halt. And if anyone does ask it's of the "you're done, right?!?!" variety.

So, are we done? We both love having kids. And once you have three you might as well have ten (says the person who doesn't have ten kids - I know, I'm sure it's actually quite difficult). But, seriously, we love the whole kids thing. And we've been lucky... Our lives as parents have been relatively smooth.

But, all that being said. We're closing up this baby shop. We'll stick with what we are so fortunate to have... these three sweet, fun, and quirky kids.

To make sure we've been giving away the baby stuff as soon as we're done with it... I literally keep a box in A's room and as soon as something doesn't fit her, it goes right in there. Having sisters and friends with babies makes that nice and easy. If we won't use it again, I'm happy to see someone else enjoy it.

How do you know when you're truly DONE? Or do you always feel like you could go for one more? 

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