Private Investigator

For the From Left to Write Book Club we read "Following Polly" by Karen Bergreen, a novel about a woman (Alice) who takes up the habit of following her arch nemesis from college (Polly) to "figure out what her life is like." Little does Alice know, Polly's life is going to come to a shocking end and she's walking right into a murder mystery.

Like most people, I'm often convinced I would be an awesome detective. I know everyone thinks that they're a super sleuth, but hear me out...

I often play the role of confidant to my friends. People just tend to spill it with me. I don't generally judge and can give pretty good advice. One of my roommates in college even told me that if she was ever trying to keep a secret from me all I had to do was look at her and she would assume I already knew the truth. Apparently, I'm hard to keep secrets from. See, that would make me good at the detective thing, right?

But, there's more: I'm usually onto someone before I hear what it is they have to say. I'm perceptive and have a knack for putting things together. I often "have a feeling" about something before the beans are spilled. Call it a sixth sense. I just know...

Here are some of my other qualifiers: First of all, I figure out movies, generally know what's going to happen next, can be the annoying person who turns to my husband and calls out my super sleuth abilities. Secondly, I have a tendency to question people. Call me a cynic, but it has given me the ability to be prepared for someone flaking on me. Thirdly, I have a tendency to size people and their motivations up rather quickly. As Matt likes to say, I see through people's BS right away.

Now, with all of my strong qualifiers, I have one major issue (one road block that Alice did not have): I would be terrible at tailing people. The idea of following someone practically gives me an anxiety attack. I have what you might call a staring problem, which would give me away in a second. I have no control in this area (I wish I did, because it's rather rude). Also, when I'm nervous or getting caught in the act I have a tendency to smile and laugh. A brief glance from my subject would plaster a smile and nervous laugh on my face in a second. And, finally, I would for sure trip, run into something, or roll my ankle in pursuit. All of these would mean a big fail in the following department.

However, like Charlie has Alice in the book to do his following, all I would need is someone to do the tailing for me, report back, and I'd be brilliant... Except I might not totally trust the information I'm getting from them. Who says they wouldn't be a double agent?

This post was inspired by the book "Following Polly" by Karen Bergreen, which I received complimentary as a part of From Left to Write Book Club. See how other bloggers were inspired by this book here.


Windtraveler said...

Staring problem, you?? Nooooooooo.
Me: "Hey Lisa, stop staring at my zit on my nose"
Lisa: (as her eyes come to meet mine) "I wasn't looking at your zit"
Me: "LISA...how do you NOT know that people can see where you are looking... and that looking at them in the "face" is not the same as in the "eye"".

YEP. You would be an obvious 'tailer'. But I love ya anyway, even if you can't avoid staring at zits, on the rare occasion I get one...of course. ;)

Sky Princess said...

Almost qualified? You're hired!

Linsey K / Me Too You / From Left to Write said...

Ooh, a double agent! I love that idea. How funny that you are aware of your staring problem. I can just see you cracking up when caught.

Emily said...

This book really seemed to bring out the sleuth in so many people! Perhaps you should go into business with a trusted friend?

Melissa said...

I agree with Emily. Maybe you could be a part of a spy team. Like after your partner tails and catches the person, you could do all the questioning. This blog somehow reminded me of how much I loved Nancy Drew as a child and wanted to be her.