ReVamp Round 1: Boot Camp

The first phase of the ReVamp Project was a fitness revamp (in the form of boot camp) and I totally loved it... Except I had to miss the last couple of sessions due to the most killer chest cold that our germ-sharing little William passed on to just about everyone.

I was really, really bummed to have to miss any of them. I've always wanted to take part in a boot camp type of workout and this was a really good one. Check out my post on making it happen here on Chicagonista.

Check out this video hosted by Miss Lori that MJ put together to sum up our first day of getting our butt kicked, including a cameo from yours truly:

And if you're looking to try out a boot camp yourself, check out Total Results Training. I'm a big fan.

I received the boot camp classes complimentary as part of the ReVamp Program.

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