Watch out, world! I'm going to ReVamp with some other area Chicago mom bloggers and am crazy excited to be part of this awesome group. You'll be seeing a lot of my ReVamp experience around here.

Today was our first boot camp. (Yup, you read that right.) And I even learned some things, imagine that:

1. I'm not in nearly as bad of shape as I thought I was. My P90X experience this summer really helped get me ready.

2. My sense of humor is sometimes lost in boot camp settings.

3. I love exercising outside in the fall.

Boot camp will be three times a week for two weeks. Finding time is a little tough, but luckily Matt is up for Father of the Year again! More ReVamp details to come!

Disclosure: As part of this project, I'm receiving six complimentary boot camp sessions from Total Results Training.

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