Age According to a Two Year Old

I turned 32 today. I'm cool with it. Not a big deal. We ordered in dinner and toasted to my birthday. (W and I had milk, Matt had water - My, how life has changed.)

As we set there eating I asked W, "How old do you think I am?"

"Big," he replied.

"But, how many years? If you're two years old, how many years old is mommy?"

he replied.

"What about dada?"

"Dada is three."

Really? Dada is younger than me? Totally backwards, kiddo. So, I decided to see what he thought about everyone else.

Nana Anna: "Nana is two, like me."

Papa Rucker: "Three, like Dada."

Aunty Danni: "Six, like Nonno." (side note: I think my grandfather is like 87 or something)

Aunty Tina: "Ten."

Nana Linda: "Ten."

Papa Don: "Ten."

Uncle Toto: "Ten, like Papa Don."

Uncle Sam: "Ten."

Nana Anna is coming out really good in this one. Not surprising, considering my mom has aged really well and plays one-on-one with him all day. They're best friends. But, seriously, this kid thinks I'm older than my grandfather and the same age as Matt's parents?

Maybe I should have asked for some botox for my birthday...


Windtraveler said...

HAHAHAHAHA...love it. Happy birthday...I am without a phone, but did you get my text from the Gulf Stream?!?! I love you.

KateNorlock said...

He's so adorable!

Happy birthday, Lisa. Dan and I are pretty bummed that we didn't get a card out to you, so we're thinking of making up for it by sending you one which is both belated and hilariously inappropriate.