Soon We'll All Be Soccer Players

For the Yahoo! Motherboard our January topic was whether to encourage kids to follow in our footsteps. Matt and I grew up in very different ways when it came to activities. I tried everything and weeks were an endless string of activities, Matt had a lot more free time to run through the woods. I see the benefits of both ways of encouraging your children and their talents.

Last month I signed W up for soccer. When I heard from a friend that her son (who is two months younger than W) was already playing soccer, I totally freaked. I played soccer from 1st grade into high school. It was one of the activities I really loved and stuck with as I grew up. Matt played soccer in high school, but wishes that he had growing up. We're all about soccer. Of course W needs to play soccer! Are we signing him up for us or for him?

Check out the post I wrote for Shine on trying to make decisions that are best for our child without just wanting him to be a version of you.

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