Update on the Mouse Situation

So, back to the mouse situation... I feel like I dangled a potentially interesting story line, but then didn't close the loop. And, honestly, I'm still not positive that there is a loop to close.

After having the entry point sealed, I was kind of living in fear that the mouse (or mice) left behind would find their way into the house from the hiding place under the sink. But, there has been no trace of them outside of under the sink. We replenished the traps and noticed that peanut butter would get swiped, so something was still lurking under there and that something was getting too smart for our traps. What to do?

Luckily my in-laws have good experience in this area (not lucky for them, I guess) since they live in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin. Their advice? Tie down something really good on the trap with dental floss. (Have I mentioned that Papa Don is a dentist?) How didn't we think of that?

So, Matt rigged the two left over traps with some delicious cheese tied securely with dental floss. And guess what we caught? Yup, another mouse. Only one. But, we're confident he was the last mouse hiding out down there. The other trap has been sitting there for days just waiting... But, we can say we're 99.9999% sure we've taken care of the mouse situation.

With the high drama of the situation, I'm waiting on my Lifetime Original Movie offer to come in any day now.

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