"Green Diapers" and Guilt

I'm trying to get ready for the new baby, so ordering diapers seemed like a good idea. Of course there are a ton of really big things that need to be tackled, but the thought of them just overwhelms me, so stuff like ordering diapers online should be an easy task, right? Not really.

I first put one box of "green diapers" in a newborn size in the cart, then I added a box of size 1. Then I upped it to three boxes of size 1 and added another box of size 2. I added some pajamas, new crib sheets, and new bassinet sheets and moved into the Check Out page. Then I saw the total and started to back track. Yes, "green diapers" are much more expensive and, though I sometimes used them for W, I wasn't consistent and don't anymore. Regular diapers just work better. I found myself wondering if Baby #2 really needs "green diapers..."

And then the guilt settled in. I started to feel guilty about potentially getting something safer and healthier for #2 when I didn't do it for #1. Sounds crazy, right? But, just think about it... Moms are constantly learning about new things that are toxic for their kids, concerns for their well being, ways to keep them healthier. It changes from kid to kid. Of course there's guilt associated with what you're able to safeguard one kid against that you were ignorant about with your other kid. But, diapers? Really?

In the end I ordered one box of size 1 diapers. This is totally insane, I know.

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