On Cleaning and Letting Go

A few months ago we hired a regular cleaning service to come every other week. After trying to stay on top of it ourselves, we realized something had to be taken off the good old to-do list.

Now we have a trust-worthy, hard working woman who helps get our house in order for three hours every two weeks. It has made life incredibly better. I don't feel as frazzled, we don't bicker as much, we don't waste time scrubbing toilets on weekends instead of playing with our little guy... It was a terrific decision.

Sure, at first I felt guilty about having someone else wash my floors and spending the extra money, but I realized we could brown bag it for lunch and save more than we'd spend on the cleaning service.

For the Yahoo! Motherboard, we were asked to write about cleaning this month. I wrote about the decision to outsource mine and why it's OK for moms to let go. Check the post out here.

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Oubairouk Mama said...

I don't know why but it never occurred to me to hire a cleaning service. Mehdi and I only have one day off a week together, Sunday. So guess what we do every Sunday: the same thing you guys used to do with William on Saturdays. Ugh. What cleaning service did you go through? I should so look into this.