On Negotiation and Manipulation

Scene: Living room after bath time, W wrapped in a towel on my lap

Matt: "It's time to put on jammies."

W: "Don't say that!"

Matt: "Nope, buddy, it's jammy time."

W: "After we watch Monsters Inc."

Me: "Nope, no Monsters Inc. tonight."

W: "I don't like baths."

Matt: "You have to take them or else you'd be stinky and then you'd walk down the street and people would say 'here comes that stinky boy.'"

Me: "And you don't want people to say that about you. You want them to say 'what a nice boy!'"

W: "No, I want people to say 'what a mean boy!' I want to be a mean boy."

Me: "You're not a mean boy. Who are you mean to?"

W: "You."

Me: "You are? Well, I think you're nice."

W: "I don't love you."

Me: "That hurts my feelings. I don't think you mean that."

W: "Then can I watch Monsters Inc. now?"

Me: "Nope."

How quickly they learn. Too bad I'm not falling for it. I appreciate a good negotiation, I do. But, he'll figure out soon enough that I won't be manipulated. Nice try.

Parents - 1, W - 0

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Michelle said...

Too cute! It's amazing what they come up with sometimes, isn't it?