Baby To-Do List: Things I Haven't Done Yet

Welcome, May, the month in which we should be welcoming a new member of our family. I never thought you'd get here -- And I apparently still don't quite believe it. I am so far behind on pre-baby stuff, it's laughable.

Here's the list of things I have managed to put off:

1. Sorting and washing the baby clothes.

2. Moving W into his new room. Each weekend I think of a reason we have to give it more time.

3. Packed for the hospital. I just don't even know where to begin. I didn't use anything in the suitcase last time, I just kind of feel like packing one is a waste of time. But, I know I should. I will. Probably when I go into labor.

4. Pulled out all the baby stuff, as in swing, car seat, diaper caddy, bjorn, bouncy seat, activity mat, bassinet, blankets, bottles. I think it's all in a closet at my mom's house. Outta sight, outta mind.

5. CHOSEN A NAME! So, yeah, this is a big one.

Mind you, each of these were on my to-do list this weekend, but never made it to the top. We were busy pretty much every minute of every day this weekend, but none of it amounted to getting stuff crossed off the baby list.

I'm sure this is only a small sampling of what I should have done by now. A lot of people have asked when I'm going to stop working and I've been surprised to get the question, I just figured you stop working when you have the baby. I get it now. Not that I'm going to take time off before the baby arrives, but I get why people do. How else do you get ready?

I'll be ready when I need to be, but right now I'm just too busy and too frazzled to focus. If they make Ritalin for pregnant ladies, I could really use some right about now.

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