The Big Boy Bed

We just put W in his big boy bed. We've been talking to him about this transition for quite a while and day by day his new room became more and more ready. First the mural was done. Then the room was cleared of all the old stuff it had been holding. Soon the bed frame that Papa Rucker painted arrived, followed by the mattress, the bed side table, and his rug. His books were moved, stuffed animals found their new home, and the curtains were hung. Today I moved all of his clothes into the dresser, made the bed with his Toy Story sheets and madras print comforter, and we added the rail.

He was so excited about moving, but told me he'd want to sleep in his crib again in August. Not sure why he chose August, but I figure he'll be settled by then. He made little beds all over the room for his stuffed animals, tucking them in and chatting with them about big boy beds. I laid down with him, chose three books, and he insisted on reciting two of them to me and seemed happy as a clam. Man, this is easy, I thought.

After his last book, I told him it was time to say good night and asked for a last hug and kiss.

"But, I want you to have a sleep over," he said. Uh oh.

"I can't, buddy, you're a big boy now and have to sleep in this room on your own. This bed is too little."

"No, you can fit. You won't sleep on me."

"I can't, but you'll be just fine."

"There's a dino under my bed."

"No, there isn't. Do you want me to have daddy come in to make sure?"

"And I need a dino to make sure I'm not scared," he said.

"OK, I'll get your t-rex. Do you need anything else?"

"A giraffe."

"You don't have a giraffe stuffed animal."

"I have a giraffe."

And so I went out to get Matt for dino checking, his t-rex puppet for dino protection, and his plastic giraffe for whatever he needed it for.

We did hugs and kisses, turned off the light (with his weak attempt to convince us to keep it on), and we've been out here listening for something. Silence. So far. Fingers crossed we get through the rest of the night with the same silence.

Here's the thing that has us the most confused... W still takes his pacifier when he goes to sleep. He spits it out at some point and doesn't ask for it at any other time, just sleeping. We've been warning him that big boys don't use pacifiers and they were on the way out, but the plan was to transition him to the bed first. Did we just accomplish both? That may be the bigger victory tonight.

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