Baby Watch 2011

My official due date is tomorrow. He's almost here. I'm progressing and my doctor did a little something to speed things up. If it doesn't happen naturally, I'm on a waiting list to be induced tomorrow. I let my employer know that my maternity leave officially starts tomorrow. We're ready. And waiting.

Tonight when I put W down all I could think was that this could be the last time I put him down as my only child. I've been focused all week on getting this show on the road and I haven't really allowed myself to think about the reality of how quickly W won't be my one and only child. It's exciting, yet scary. I want it to happen, yet I don't. I'm ready, but I'm totally unprepared for this transition. This deserves a few posts of its own, so for now let's focus on the waiting game we're playing...

Could it be tonight? Will the hospital be able to work me into their packed schedule of inductions tomorrow? How soon will W be an older brother rather than an only child?
I'll keep you posted.

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