Welcome Beckett

Baby Boy #2 arrived a week ago. I woke up with contractions around 5 am, went to the hospital at noon, and he was born around 6:15 pm. All in all, it was not bad. After W's delivery you all know how anxious I was about this part of the whole baby having thing, but as I was promised, the second was far easier. It doesn't hurt that he is a full pound and nine ounces smaller than W was when he was born and has a perfect, tiny little head.

I feel good. Baby B is adorable. He sleeps for good long stretches during the day, but nights are hit and miss. His crazy appetite is keeping me very busy and my boobs feel like they're going to fall off. At his four day check-up, our pediatrician was shocked to find that he's actually gained weight since we left the hospital. (Hopefully that means my metabolism is nice and busy!)

Matt took the week off. Good friends have brought over meals. W is adjusting pretty well. We've been able to enjoy some good weather. So, other than the nightly hormonal anxiety attacks/teary freak outs (me, not the baby), we're doing pretty well.

Now I just have to learn to use the computer with one hand. Anyone have suggestions?


melanie said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! don't worry, everything gets easier with time: typing with one hand, handling two at once, operating with little to no sleep, crying in public, etc. etc.!

i'm so happy for you and your family. what a wonderful blessing!

Serena said...

I remember those days well--and I used to put Lukas in a sling so I could type with one hand! It does get better--hang in there!