I keep telling people that becoming a big brother is probably the best thing that has happened to W in terms of getting gifts and treats. It got to the point that he'd ask people who came to visit what they brought for him. Not kidding.

We're lucky to have so many thoughtful and generous people in our life. Many asked me what they could bring for W and in an attempt to think of something inexpensive that he would completely freak out about I'd recommend stickers.

Currently stickers are a huge hit around here. (He went through a book of 1,000 stickers in two days.) It's like a sticker jungle in our house. We've moved on from putting stickers on the furniture to layering them in piles and onto sticking them all over his shirt.

I've been looking for a sticker book, but can't find one. I seem to remember sticker books being much easier to find when I was younger. Until then we at least have t-shirts.

p.s. How about that Big Boy hair cut!?!? Now you can see why I started crying at Kid Snips. It's cute, right? But, I kind of hate it. I really miss his curls.Link


Anonymous said...

OMG! We totally have stickers for William. Tell him not to worry...more are coming for William! PS he looks just like Matt with that big boy haircut! xoxo Jennifer & Josh

Christine said...

he is so cute with his haircut! now i know what to bring over when we come meet baby b! electronic hugs to you and matt.

Gina said...

W looks so old with his new h/c! Too cute!! I actually almost bought him a sticker book last week but put it back b/c I thought he wouldn't like it. I am going back to get it now. :) Sorry I couldn't come see you this weekend but I didn't want to get anyone sick. It was a boring weekend at home. I will see you next month! Miss you!