39 Weeks Pregnant and Waiting...

I'm beginning to think that I can't go into labor naturally. Granted, I still have five days until my official due date, but if it was going to happen I think it would have already... Seriously, I'm immune to going into labor or something (I was induced eight days after W was born).

Five reasons why if it was gonna happen, it woulda:

1. I had an event for work on Thursday night at Wrigley Field, which meant I was hauling myself up and down stairs, on and off the field, on and off a stage, and standing for about 10 hours. Oh yeah, and I got hit in the ankle by a ball while walking across the field. While I'd like to pretend it was by a professional player, I'd put the perpetrator at about 13 years old. But, seriously, have you ever been hit by a baseball? Whoa, water should have broken right then.

2. Friday night my mom and sister made what is supposed to be the eggplant parmesan recipe that is guaranteed to induce labor. For the second pregnancy in a row, it has not worked. But, man, it is really good. Everyone was actually looking forward to eating it again. Labor intensive, but not labor inducing.

3. I got myself a pedicure on Saturday morning and then attended a first birthday party. You pick, either should have put me in labor.

4. I gardened today. That should do it, right? Nope.

5. We made a run for wings tonight. And they were hot. I also took a walk once we got home.

I am totally convinced that no amount of chasing W, no matter how many times I waddle into the basement to do laundry, nothing will make a difference. All week well meaning people told me about the dinner party for 10 that put them into labor or the spicy meal or whatever it may be that worked for them... And it gave me hope. Then every morning I wake up, still feeling good, and my gut tells me that it will not be the day. For a control freak, like me, the last week of pregnancy is terrible. No matter what I do, I'm not in charge.

A friend of mine heard that the pressure of a storm is rumored to get labor moving for some women. I can hear the thunder starting now. Maybe there's still a chance.


Lucy said...

Not to get too graphic here, but have you tried a little hair of the dog that bit ya? Some say that the thing that got you into this mess (S. E. X.) will you get you out of it.

Good luck. :)

Ms.D. said...

I Love Lucy... 's comment! :)

Also- can I get that recipe... for the eggplant Parmesan of course!