Did I Mention We're Ready?

I wanted to circle back on a post that I know made a lot of you nervous... Remember this one? The one when I listed all the things we had to do before baby's arrival? I think I wrote it after my doctor mentioned that she thought I might go early and I started to get nervous and freak just a little?

One of the most frustrating things about blogs is that people tend to put something out there, but then don't circle back on the resolution... So, I thought I'd circle back on this one with a little update for all of you who were concerned. And thank you all for the offers of help and reminders that I needed to pull it together.

The List of Things That Should Have Been Done A Month Ago, But Now Are (or almost are):

1. Sorting and washing the baby clothes. DONE!

2. Moving W into his new room. DONE!

3. Packed for the hospital. Pretty close, but I keep having to unpack stuff...

4. Pulled out all the baby stuff... I still have to go through some stuff, but nothing major.

5. Chosen a name. DONE! But, we're not sharing it with anyone else. I totally get why people don't share names now. It's obvious when people don't like a baby name and I'm not interested in any other opinions.

Hope that makes all of you feel better about the situation at the Hannemaniac household. In my usual fashion, I pulled it together just in time. Now it's just a matter of waiting.

And, for the record, being ready is another reason I'm convinced that I won't go into labor any time soon.

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