Good Deeds 2012 Week 14: American Cancer Society Walk & Roll

Good Deed: Supported my friend's American Cancer Society Walk & Roll fundraising efforts. 

My friend Stacey is doing the American Cancer Society Walk & Roll on April 29th. She has been involved with their Women's Board's Fashion Show for a while and I (shamefully) haven't supported her efforts prior to now. Making an online donation to a walk team is easy. And a good way to get in a charitable donation.

That's the great thing about walk events. They allow you to participate virtually and you always feel really good after you do them. There is something incredibly energizing about part of a crowd coming together for one cause. I can tell you that the walk for the organization I work for is an incredibly emotional day for many of the families involved.

Walks are great, but I don't really have time to do them right now. But, I do have the ability to support the efforts of the people who can be there.

What was your good deed this week?

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