Good Deeds 2012: Week 17 Coupons to Troops

Good Deed: Registered to adopt a family through Coupons To Troops.

Did you know that troops stationed overseas can use coupons up to six months past their expiration date? Me neither until I saw it in a magazine (while I was giving blood - one good deed leads to another!) a couple of months ago.

I went through a very short period of trying to cut coupons and did an alright job saving money. But, it was really time consuming and I found that I was often compromising on my goals to feed my family mostly organic, unprocessed foods. That was right around the time that I learned I could send expired coupons to military families. So, I've been holding onto them and created a little stock pile of the extra coupons I didn't use and those that had expired. Last week I finally registered for a family who can use these coupons through Coupons To Troops. You can either sign up to adopt a family for a full year or for a one-time mailing.

I cut all the coupons from the newspaper inserts that I've been hanging onto, which took about an hour and will help keep the cost of shipping low. Now I'm just waiting on the name and address, so I can send off these coupons to someone who can use them. Easy, right?

What was your good deed this week?

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