Good Deeds 2012: Week 24 Crayola, Make Your Mark!

Good Deed: I signed the petition to Crayola on Change.org, which was started by Mr. Land and his “Kids Who Care” from Sun Valley School, asking Crayola to create a recycling program for their markers.

Every year, Crayola makes about half a billion markers. And when those markers have run out of ink or lose a cap they go in the garbage. Imagine how many garbage bags of markers are out there. As we're all more and more aware of the plastics getting into our environment and leeching into our lives, any opportunity to cut down on this is a good one.

How brilliant is this idea?!?! I would happily collect our used markers and send them back to Crayola and I know I am not alone. I love that a group of kids and their teacher are able to create such an amazing idea and create a campaign for real change. Sign the petition!

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