Happy Father's Day!

Last night Matt and I were talking about how people are born wired to do a certain thing. I guess you can call it a gift... Matt was born with a number of gifts, but the first one that came to my mind was: "You were born to be an amazing dad."

There were many reasons I fell in love with Matt, but it's evolved over the years and now I can't think of a better reason to love him than because of the father he is to our boys. I can't imagine being married to a better father or someone more committed to creating a family and the best life possible for our little boys. Our kids are two of the luckiest kids you'd ever meet and they adore their daddy. So do I.

Really good dads don't get nearly enough credit. With Matt there is no rolling of the eyes over who will change a diaper, there is no complaining that he'd ever choose drinks out over bath time, and I never second guess whether he can handle any situation with our kids. He's super dad. And I'm lucky. We all are. I don't admit it much and I get uncomfortable being all mushy, but if there's ever a time for me to step out of my comfort zone, it's today.

Thanks, Matt, for being the best dad we could ask for and for always trying to find a way to do it better.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! Brought tears to my eyes. He is such a great dad!


Windtraveler said...

So sweet - he IS a great dad!! Love you guys!