Good Deeds 2012: Week 28 Found a Dollar, Shared a Dollar

Good Deed: Found a dollar on the ground and shared it with a homeless person.

I don't have good luck when it comes to money or winning anything... I can't recall a time when I've found money on the ground. I don't win raffles. I've won one blogging giveaway (and never received the package!?!). I've bought Lotto tickets once and obviously did not win (or else this would be a very different blog). I certainly don't gamble, because I know I would just be wasting my money.

So, imagine my surprise when I found a dollar on the floor of the train during a morning commute this week... And since it wasn't my dollar to begin with, I carried it out of the train station and placed it into the cup of a homeless woman. It felt like that dollar was in the right place.

What was your good deed this week?

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