We're Sleeping In Separate Rooms

It's been two weeks since Matt and I have slept in the same room. Normally that might be concerning for a married couple and - trust me - I'm concerned... Just not in that way. We've been staying with my parents while our kitchen is being renovated. I'm concerned we will never go home.
What we thought would be a four or five day stay has turned into WEEKS. Since the boys each have their own bed times and routines, they sleep in separate rooms while we're at my parents. Matt sleeps in the room with W and I sleep in the room with B. If you have ever had to share a bed with a three year old before you know it does not make for a restful night, so I feel like I'm actually getting a good deal here.

We see each other for an hour in the morning while we're running around to get ourselves and the boys ready. Matt goes directly to our house after work to refinish our cabinets and usually returns around midnight. I can't help with any of this because of the whole being pregnant thing, but I feel obligated to wait up for Matt and my mom (bless her for helping us!) who wearily walk in and update me on their progress. We talk for about 15 minutes and then say good night. We each go into a room where one of our boys already sleeps, close the door, and will wake up to start it again the next morning.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's been a long, exhausting, and somehow kind of lonely tunnel. I'm ready to get back to our routine of me complaining that he's too loud for me to sleep and him complaining that I move around too much.

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Unknown said...

Hope it is over for you soon! I am sure that it will all be worth it!