I have officially taught the little guy his first naughty word. I was looking up possible preschools for him and realized I missed the application date for all the recommended places in the area, so called my trusted co-rookie-mom Lara to complain about being the worst mom in the world. So, maybe I said "Dammit!" OK, maybe I screamed it. Guess what he repeated for an hour?

After countless reminders to get my mouth in check, I am now admitting Matt was right. But honestly, I don't really care that much. It could have been *tons* worse. In terms of bad words, this is pretty PG. Plus, I figure it'll give him some street cred if he goes to preschool in the fall as a two-year-old. Too early? If I wait another year imagine the colorful language he'll have picked up from me by then.

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Lara said...

I can attest to hearing at least 3 "dammits" throughout that phone call and I think it was amazing. I mean - the kid is brilliant. That took some major skill. I say, props to you little William, you'll be learning all the naughty words in no time!