An Open Letter to ID Checkers

Dear ID Checker,

My name is Lisa. I'm 31 years old. I am buying wine and there’s a 50/50 chance you will ask me for identification. Granted, I know certain stores will check my ID 100% of the time and, sure, I’m getting to the point that I appreciate it. It feels good to think that you might be thinking I’m 27 or 28. I know you don’t think I’m 20 and you’re checking just in case I’m an undercover shopper or your manager is watching. I get how it works.

Here is what I don’t get: Lately when you look at my birth date the reaction has changed. I used to receive a shrug or nod. Now I’ve graduated to “wow, you look a lot younger” or “huh, I never would have guessed that” or the attempted compliment “Go girl!” REALLY!?! I beg you to rethink this reaction. These are not compliments.

31 is not old. 31 is not the age that I figured I’d start receiving these looks or comments. I know, I know you mean well. Fine, I get it. But, please, stop the madness.

Sincerely yours,

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