Is My Blog Blushing?

For the most recent Chicago Moms Blog Book Club I read a book about ...ummmm... sex. And now I'm supposed to ...uh... write something about it, right? So, the book is Mominatrix by Kristen Chase. You get the idea.

What can I say? I'm just not really that into talking about ...umm... sex on this blog. I guess that's kinda funny since the blog is mostly about having a family and we all know how that happened. Well, I guess you do now. But, really, it's just kinda like one of those things, ya know?

It's no surprise that once the baby comes along the romance takes the back seat and every day survival takes over. Duh. I just think you underestimate it. You never think it's going to happen to you. The same way you think that you'll never sacrifice a shower for an extra 30 minutes of sleep or leave the house in the same clothes you wore to sleep (black comfy pants that you happen to wear to bed don't really count as pj's). You also never think you'll be thankful to get into bed at 9:00 on a Friday night or suck on a pacifier that might have fallen on the floor just to get it clean for a frantic child.

Everything else you promise yourself you'll never do kinda takes care of itself as your child matures. But, the romance thing... Well, that's mostly up to you. So, of course someone writes a book about ... you know... getting your groove on. And getting your groove back. Except this time she's telling you to ...umm... tie your groove up and do something that will probably make you blush and giggle.


Windtraveler said...

Yeah. This is kinda awkward.

Kristen said...

I say all in the name of supporting happy moms - for some moms it's scrapbooking, for others... well...

Thanks for jumping into the cold water on this one and reading it (or at least skimming it for the "good parts.")