Hoarders: The Lost Hannemaniacs Episode

Do you ever watch Hoarders and get a little nervous?

How about when your husband piles all the stuff that needs to be put away on the dinner table and you tell him that you can't get to it, so just move it aside to make room for him to have his sandwich?

Is this his cry for help?


Bec said...

we had a nearly identical episode last evening. the manfriend and i dumped a huge pile of clothes onto the floor (clean *and* dirty, natch) off my only dining table so we could eat dinner.

i think the whole block heard my cry for help.

Kari said...

I can't handle that...I am coming over to organize you!

Lady Hannemaniac said...

For the record, I went into organization overdrive and took care of our problem -- And all the closets. I guess "Intervention" is the only show left for me.