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There are a lot of blogs out there that focus on loss or a family member's terminal illness. Sometimes I can't help, but click and read. I remember one in particular. Brittany called me and told me to look at this blog. She was balling. I ended up crying. And then got mad that she made me look. It was beautiful and heart-breaking. And, as a new mom and blogger, I was stunned. And there were so many others like that blog. So many families sharing their pain and their stories. And so many reasons to be thankful and fearful at the same time.

Last night I followed a link and was introduced to a little girl and her two mommies. The little girl was diagnosed with an inoperable, terminal brain tumor. In a recent post one of her moms writes about planning the funeral for her sweet, curly haired girl, as she sits on her lap - Blissfully unaware. Gut wrenching, right? There are mentions of morphine and naps and loss. And through tears, I made myself stop reading.

I wanted to comment, but didn't know how. So, I wrote a post for Yahoo! Shine that I would love for you to read. I want to hear from you. Would you have commented?

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Windtraveler said...

A comment wouldn't have lessened the immense pain these two women no doubt feel; but a few heart-felt words from another human being who simply says "I'm here and I care" can be an incredibly powerful thing. I, for one, wouldn't have hesitated to comment. Sometimes the most profound connections can come through the compassion of strangers. Next time, don't hesitate.