Meal MacGyver: Chicken and Orzo Lemon Soup

Tonight I managed to surprise all of us with a delicious soup that I threw together in under an hour. It was rainy and cold and I'd been busy hosting my sister's baby shower all day. At the end of the day we all wanted something comforting and tasty without too much effort.

For a moment I considered ordering out, but I looked at what we had on hand: cooked orzo, lemons, chicken breasts, chicken stock, and eggs... Why not try making a lemon soup. I looked online for ideas and put my own spin on it.

First I heated up 2 quarts of chicken stock and added three cups of pre-cooked orzo. I chopped two chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and dropped them in to let them cook a bit while I beat two eggs. I juiced two lemons and zested one of them, which I whisked into the eggs and then slowly added a cup of the hot stock while whisking to make sure the eggs didn't get weird. I added the egg/lemon mixture to the soup while stirring quickly, which thickened it up a bit. At that point I added a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley, fresh thyme, a lot of onion powder, seasoned salt, pepper, a couple pinches of saffron, and a chicken bouillon cube. And then I let it cook on low for about 15 minutes.

And I have to say it was really, really good. William declared, "I love this soup" and ate his entire bowl, then asked for more. Trust me, it was really, really good.

So, next time you think about ordering out... Take a look in your kitchen and see what you can figure out.

What's the last meal you created from nothing?

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i like w's sweet tat!