Six Years In

Today is our sixth anniversary. Somehow our anniversary always falls on a really beautiful day and we've taken advantage of it. We went to the Oktoberfest in Wilmette and tonight are going out for dinner followed by coffee at a really neat coffee place I currently love. Super low key.

Last year we had a really great anniversary, but this year won't be nearly as exciting. We had one of the best meals I've ever had at Quince in Evanston, as I mentioned in last year's anniversary post. What I didn't mention is that I ended up being a total mess... Like a 17 year-old at a kegger. We had dirty martinis before dinner and then a few glasses of wine with dinner. This should not have been that big of a deal, but I was sick all night. The next morning we learned that I was actually pregnant with B. It was an awful way to find out something really amazing. It was the best anniversary gift we could give each other. It feels like yesterday. These years are just flying by.

In six years we've hosted countless parties, created an incredible group of friends, adopted one dog, purchased two homes and two cars, had plenty of arguments but still trump them with laughs. And, most important, we've had two really special kids. I can't think of any better reason to celebrate.

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Windtraveler said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love you!!