Beckett: Age 1

Beckett is a year old, which marks the fastest year of our lives. Matt and I used to joke around that at least we'd know that our children would all have big brown eyes. And then we had this adorable little blue eyed, blond haired boy. I still look at him and wonder where the heck he came from.

If we are going to believe gender stereotypes, then Beckett is ALL boy. He loves cars, trucks, and balls. He picks everything up and throws it across the room... hard. Beckett is always going. He climbs on everything he can without fear. He crawled early, walked early, and now confidently runs around the house. He growls when playing with dinosaurs.

Beckett is playing with language, but is still limited to "dada" and "buh bye." He lets out tirades of babble when he gets mad or excited and I hate to imagine what he's trying to say. His spirited babbling and high pitched shrieks make me nervous about what's going to happen when he can talk.

Beckett is fascinated by his older brother and yells "wawawawa" when William is running away from him or doing anything that looks really fun, which is everything to Beckett. When picked on, Beckett definitely puts up a fight and he never backs down to wresting with his brother or pushing William aside to get to a toy.

Our boy is crazy loving and loves cuddling before bed. His sense of humor is already blossoming and he loves making people laugh. He loves baths and comes running as soon as he hears the water running. He fights like hell when we're changing his diaper or dressing him.

Beckett makes friends everywhere we go. He loves being out in public and stares at people until they notice him before breaking into a huge grin. If his stare down doesn't work, he grunts and shrieks at people until they look his way. He's an insistent little fellow.

We're dealing with a very fickle eater. The only food Beckett loves so far has been bread and shredded cheese. Otherwise he usually likes bananas and oranges, sometimes likes yogurt, rarely likes pasta and peas, and refuses to try about everything else.

Beckett cannot wait to be a big boy. He plays with William's toys, thinks he's part of William's play dates with his friends, and tries to actually play at the park.

It's hard to remember life without Beckett and he has made our family feel so much more complete in such a short time. We're incredibly lucky to have this sweet boy. We're nervous that his time as the baby of our family will be short with another baby coming 17 months after him, but know that with his spunk and energy he'll never get lost in the shuffle.


Michelle said...

Awwww, happy birthday to him! He is SUCH a cutie, and I love that personality. It will definitely serve him well as he gets older. I have one of those myself ;)

Lisa said...

I agree! What a cutie!

ConnieFoggles said...

Happy Birthday! Your description of your son made me feel like I know him personally. Just loved it.

Uncle Toto said...

Bread is delicious, Beckett! Glad to hear you've figured this out at a young age. Cheese is also an excellent selection. I'm looking forward to a day when you combine the two and experience nirvana. Happy Birthday, buddy.