Good Deeds 2012: Week 18 OneSight

Good Deed: Donating an old pair of eye glasses to OneSight.

I buy new glasses about once every ten years. That time came a couple of years ago when I developed an ulcer on my cornea from over-wearing old contacts. I was grounded and had to spend two months in glasses. It was my prompt to get new specs and in that time I learned that my eyes are much more comfortable after a day in glasses and I have embraced my specs like I never imagined possible. I've even overcome astigmatism in each of my eyes (no joke!).

Anyway, so I tend to keep my old glasses as back up just in case the current pair goes down or something like that... But, seriously, my old glasses are so bad, I will never, ever wear them again. So, tomorrow I'm going to take them to LensCrafters and donate them to OneSight, a family of vision care programs dedicated to restoring and preserving clear vision to those in need through outreach, research and education, in order to hand-deliver the gift of sight to those in need worldwide.

I have very nice glasses with scratch-free, transition lenses (someone will appreciate that, right?), and are just begging to help someone regain their vision just sitting in a drawer.  It's time for them to go.

According to OneSight, 284 million children and adults suffer from poor vision because they lack access to proper eye care and eyewear. More than 2 million pairs of glasses are needed each year to support the amount of people in their Global Clinics, which give free eyewear, eye exams and the ability to live a fuller life. Makes that back-up pair of glasses in your drawer sound a little unnecessary, huh?

What was your good deed this week?

Note: I am in no way affiliated with OneSight, nor was I compensated for this post. All information was found on their website.

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