William: Age 5

What other kid is this sweet at the dentist?
Sweet, sweet William is five. FIVE. I can't believe it happened so quickly on one hand. On the other hand, I can't believe our wise boy is only five. William, our old soul, never ceases to amaze me with the witty and smart things that he says every day.

His incredible imagination bounces between super heroes to animals to cars to anything else he comes across with ease. It's difficult to follow his story lines or keep up with his rapid brain. He moves so incredibly fast.

William is idolized by Beckett, his little shadow who repeats everything his big brother says and mimics his every move. This year William asked Beckett if he would like to help him blow out the candle on his cake. He knows just how to melt his brother's heart. And ours. He'll ask Beckett to walk around the house holding hands and pointing out all the silly things he can think of to make his brother laugh.

William is an entertainer at heart. He can mimic any voice or accent and quickly masters a song tune. Nothing makes him happier than making people laugh. On the flip side he also goes straight for dramatic phrases and fake crying over nothing.

"I love you, mom," is something William says at any given time out of nowhere and I know he means it. He is so incredibly loving and open to being affectionate and telling people how much be loves them. Likewise, I've heard him say to his friends at the end of a play date: "I'll never forget you." He wears his heart on his sleeve and enters every day with such openness. Looking into his eyes is like looking into a deep pool of wonder.

William has an imaginary friend named John. John has been a constant in our lives for the last year and he has a pretty detailed back story for him. William is always creating things in his head, including words and their definitions and often elaborate stories.

His teachers always have a story to tell me about something witty William said in class or a deeper understanding of something he had that stood out to them. His verbal abilities and comprehension are astounding. Experiencing him making friends has been wonderful. He values his friends and loves having them.

Learning how to snap his fingers has been a highlight of William's year as has mastering writing his letters, simple addition, and some basic reading. He is moving along slowly in swim lessons and can ride his bike with training wheels.

William is still getting more comfortable with himself physically. He's willing to try more and more, but his clumsiness is hard to conquer. 

William is such a special boy. I feel so lucky to be his mom. Five years have flown by so quickly.

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