William: Age 4

Happy 4th birthday to William! Our little guy became a great big brother and forfeited his role as the baby in the family pretty easily. He is idolized by his younger brother. The relationship between William and Beckett has been a highlight for all of us, especially William, who loves having a brother.

William has grown so much this year. Sometimes I find myself doing a double take. We have a REAL boy in our house now. He loves Super Heroes, bugs, and dinosaurs. He gets dirty, his feet are smelly, but he is still incredibly sweet and cuddly. William's first year of preschool really helped him blossom socially and he's still figuring out his role in social situations with other kids. He still likes to play on his own and you'll often find him wandering away to play with something that has caught his attention.

William creates elaborate games and story lines in his head. He runs around the house, having a conversation, acting out a scenario, which he will rarely explain. His imagination is really incredible. William still loves books, but has become more interested in cartoons and video games. He is obsessed with stickers.

His limitless appetite has started to become more picky and William is becoming less open to trying new things or eating some of the adventurous items he used to enthusiastically eat. Currently his favorite foods are California rolls, hamburgers, hummus, peanut butter & jelly, and pancakes.

William is clumsy and tentative physically. He needs to really wrap his head around things before giving them a try. He has a high tolerance for pain and rarely cries when he falls or gets hurt.

He is still verbally many years ahead of his age and I love that I can full, serious conversations with him. He is a great lunch date and always keeps me interested. Anytime he hears a new word he asks for an explanation of what it means and then examples of how to use it, then includes it in his own vocabulary. It's normal to hear him properly use words like "prefer" or "familiar."

William's two best qualities are his sweetness and sense of humor. He is thoughtful about things, shares hugs and kisses happily, and makes me laugh harder than anyone else. Having other parents tell me they enjoy these things about William and are happy he is friends with their kids has really made me proud of him. It's easy for me to see all of his great qualities as his mom, but hearing it from others makes my day.

I worry that William's sweetness will be taken advantage of, as he wears his emotions on his sleeve and easily gets his feelings hurt. When I've seen kids say things that hurt him, he often hangs his head rather than defending himself or letting it roll off his shoulders. It's the thing that makes him so genuinely sweet and I hope he finds a way to handle this part of growing up.

William is turning out to be a great kid and we are so proud of him. I feel lucky to know and love him each and every day. He is an extraordinary boy.

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Danielle said...

He is my absolute favorite four-year-old ever!