A Girl President

William received a sticker book about US presidents for his birthday. He is currently obsessed with sticker books, so loves talking about this new one. He and Matt were looking through it and this is what I heard from the other room...

W: "Why are they all guys?"
Matt: "Well, I bet you'll see a girl president in your life."
W: "Like Word Girl?"
Matt: "Yeah, Word Girl would be a good president. Or some other girl. But I have a feeling there will be one."

This is why I love my husband. He had no idea I could even hear him. If you know Matt this conversation isn't a surprise. Most days I wouldn't even think twice about it, but I'm getting tired of hearing about sexism, racism, and all the other BS-isms that invade our daily lives as ignorant people get more and more extreme.

Election years bring out the worst in people. But, sometimes they also remind you why you respect other people and why you're so happy you married them.

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Anonymous said...

You were listening to us? Thanks! All that is going on right now might have impacted that statement from me. I've been reminded that I really want to my kids to expect the best from the people and world around them, and hopefully they'll get it.