Good Deeds 2012: Week 32 Donated Items to Epilepsy Foundation

Good Deed: Donated two bags of clothes, accessories, and toys to Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.

If an organization calls asking if they can schedule a pick up for a donation of gently used clothes and household items, they will most likely get a "yes." I have some clutter bug tendencies and donating a bag of items has always been a good way of finding things that we don't really need.

Epilespy Founation of Greater Chicago called and I told them I would be happy to make a donation. The morning of the pick up, I packed up a skirt and a dress shirt of mine, t-shirts that were handed down to W and don't fit in his drawers, five stuffed animals, a few outdated belts, and a couple of books. All of the items were gently used and can be sold in their thrift store to support families impacted by epilepsy in the Chicago area.

The best part? I filled the bag, put it out before I left for work, and it was picked up before I returned home from work. Easy as can be. Learn how you can make donation here.

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