The Farmtastic Food Trek

I really don't like grocery shopping. OK, let me clarify this... I have grown to dislike grocery shopping in big chain grocery stores. Why? The produce is often not local (though this is getting better) and their organic selection tends to be disappointing and overpriced. It's also hard to grocery shop with kids and the stores are seemingly overrun with food marketed to children, yet terrible for them.

I tend to shop at smaller stores, farmer's markets, Whole Foods, and order from services like Artizone, but sometimes I just have to go to the grocery store with the kids. If you're like me and tend to struggle with your visits, I might have just the activity to help...

Illinois Farm Families is hosting the Farmtastic Food Trek now until September 30th. It's a really great way to teach your kids where their food is coming from, turn grocery shopping into a game, and have fun at the grocery store.

Here's how it works: Farmers provide clues on www.WatchUsGrow.org that lead to the food they raise. Families then use those 15 clues to find that food at local grocery stores. Once you identify the food referenced in the clues, use Instagram™ to take pictures of your kids holding the products and add the hashtag #foodtrek in the photo comment.
Go to www.WatchUsGrow.org and use the Farmtastic Food Trek button on the homepage, which will link you to the clues, instructions on how to play, as well as the complete contest rules.

To win, you must upload five accurate photos using the hashtag #foodtrek. Three random winners will be chosen. Check the website for all of the details. The winners will receive: A gift certificate for $500 in free groceries, a family farm tour, and farm games and toys!

Sounds fun, right? The clues are fun and aren't too difficult. Can't wait to start participating the next time we're at the grocery store! I'll share some photos on here so you can see our findings!

Full disclosure: I was compensated for partnering with Illinois Farm Families on this campaign. All opinions are my own.

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