Our Meal Plan

I can't tell you how much easier the week goes when I make a plan for our dinners. Even if I don't follow it completely (which I often don't), it still makes me feel prepared and always have something to fall back on.

Here's what we're cooking this week:

Monday: Wheat Penne With Peas and Homemade Pesto (yum!) and green salad
Tuesday: Paprika Chicken with Rice and Pattypan Squash
Wednesday: Royal Pies from Pleasant House Bakery and green salad
Thursday: Something with kale (cuz I have a big bag of it...)
Friday: Pizza for the guys... Mom is going out

What are your dinner plans this week?


Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Ha! I am still working on it. But I agree that the week is smoother when I have a plan.

mini crib reviews said...

cute post i like it ^__^