Protecting My Child or My Paranoia?

W is taking swimming lessons at a swim school that I have been very happy with. Everything about it seems just right. The classes are small, the teachers are enthusiastic, there are changing rooms in addition to women's and men's bathrooms with showers... And most of all W is happy there (except for a few off days so far).

We had to do a make up class last week and afterward I was showering him in the women's bathroom. There was another mom showering her son while her daughter was playing with her phone behind us. I suddenly heard the mom say, "No! No taking pictures in here! Do not take pictures of your brother!" and I turned to see her snatch the phone away from her daughter.

I wrapped W in a towel, changed him, and left. But when I got into the car I started to wonder... What photos had that little girl taken? Should I have asked the mom to make sure there wasn't a photo of my son on her phone? Did I do enough to make sure she didn't get a picture of him?

The mom seemed totally normal, but still... It just wasn't sitting well with me the more I thought about it. So, the next time I went to the swim school at my normal time I decided to mention it at the front desk. I asked to talk to a manager. I explained the story and recommended that they consider putting a sign up requesting that people not use cell phones in the shower area. The manager agreed that I was right to be concerned and said he would address it. I felt better, a little bit of an alarmist, but better for having said something. After all, my #1 priority is protecting my children, right? So, if that occasionally makes me seem paranoid, then fine.

It's been two weeks and I have yet to see a sign or any indication that they took my concern seriously. I believe it was a one-time issue and I should let it go, but I feel like I'm one of many parents with little ones who will continue to be overly skeptical when it comes to our children's safety. It's a post-Penn State/Jerry Sandusky world and places that cater to children should take these concerns seriously, right?

So, now what? Do I press it? Do I let it go? What would you do?


Lisa said...

I am guessing what happened was innocent.

That being said, where my kids use to take swimming lessons, had that kind of sign up.

Just Jen said...

I agree - i seemed like something innocent that happened. However, there should be signage in your locker rooms that say "No CellPhone Use". Our local community gym has these for just these situations. I would pursue the issue of signage with the manager of the gym.

Megryansmom said...

I believe it was an innocent and isolated incident. I also believe (sadly) that a warning sign isn't going to stop truly evil people from harming our children.

Signed the Mema who wants to scream don't you dare go Sandusky on my baby as she begins letting the 6 year old use the mens' room.

kim/TheMakerMom said...

I think @megryansmom is right to a certain extent, but there still should be a sign. If nothing else, if there was an offender or repeat offender, that person could be barred from the facility for breaking a stated rule.

As she notes, it's scary when they go off on their own. The good thing about having two boys as at least I was able to send them into the men's room as buddies.