The Diaper Change Struggle

Dear New Moms With Children Younger Than Mine,

You may still be at the point when changing a diaper is relatively easy. You lay the kid down, remove a hopefully not too messy diaper and then replace with fresh diaper. Simple enough these days, right? Enjoy this time, mom. Take advantage of that little smiling face staring at you. If you have a child like mine your days are numbered.

We frantically try to change William's diaper as fast as possible as he screams from the torture, rolls over, sits and then stands up, kicks his feet, and completely loses his mind. It's incredibly stressful. Who knew 23 pounds of kid could put up such a good fight?

So, consider this your warning, mom. Be prepared for looks like this when the fight is over:

This is yet another thing that no one warns you about when you're a first-time mom. Consider yourself warned.


Covered in Poop


Lara said...

ugh - we're getting there! it's the squirming all over the place that gets me - and when there's poop? oy. alan did the poopy change yesterday and several hours - yes hours - later i noticed poop under the boy's fingernail. GROSS.
gotta diaper question for you. just bought a 140ct box of cruiser 3s. however - he seems to be leaking thru those overnight. do i exchange that box for 4s? what to do what to do....

Lady Hannemaniac said...

Get overnight diapers! They can be hard to find, but I hear you can get them at diapers.com. I get mine at Target. William was leaking through until I found these and it has been much better since. Wetting through overnight is the worst.

Windtraveler said...

That second picture is actually scary. The fact that he can convey that very specific emotion through mere facial expression so young is nuts. Oh Lisa, you've got yourself a little "mini me" there!!

Kari said...

I am serisouly laughing out loud in my cube right now! So funny. I just love him!