He's Not Walking - And I'm Not Worried

William is not walking yet. He just turned a year old and I know this is not a big deal. Really, I'm not worried. I'm not. But, people seem to think I am. Every time someone asks if he's walking and I answer no, they tell me not to worry. This baffles me, as I don't believe I've ever mentioned being concerned. Maybe I'm cringing or wringing my hands or taking on a nervous laugh. Is that it? Am I giving people non-verbal cues that say "This lady is worried her son will never walk"???

Listen, I know this kid is going to walk soon, but what I also know is the sooner he is walking, the bigger the falls, bumps, bruises, gashes, blood. All things I'm not a big fan of, especially the gashes. Wounds give me chills. The blood, open flesh, and then the whole healing experience when it's white then yellow then scabbing. (I just about threw up.) Call it selfish, but I don't know if I'm ready to deal with all of that. So, if he wants to take his sweet time getting there, I'm all for it.

William is talking up a storm, climbing like a monkey, crawling with incredible speed, can stand up, sit down, etc. etc. But, no, the kid cannot walk, and I am not worried. Should I be?

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