This Boy Loves His O's

After we put W down tonight, Matt and I found ourselves watching old videos of the boy. Old as in taken months ago. But, it felt like years ago and yesterday all at the same time.

Videos of a giggling six month old trying to gnaw on my face brought me back to that moment. I remember exactly how holding him felt in his soft, velvety sleeper. I remember watching him roll around on a blanket. Eating his first cracker. Screeching. All of these moments we luckily captured on video... And then we came across this video from June, just about four months ago. He was obsessed with cheerios at the time. He still loves him some o's, but his obsession has lessened.

Granted, this video is not current, but I will say it's grounds for W to be the next Cheerios spokesbaby. (I have a special prize for anyone who guesses the number of Cheerios shoved in W's mouth.)

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Windtraveler said...

Okay. Three things I *love* about this video:
1) Howie inching towards William ever so hopefully
2) The "SIGH" from William mid-way through - 'Eating O's is such hard work'
3) How he becomes ambidextrous at the end there - 'Hey two hands are better than one!!'

He is the cutest baby ever. I love him and now I am overwhelmed with an urge to just hug and kiss him.